Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Day on a Matteress

I hesitate putting this on here but it really is a great activity. I just took the bumpers off of our crib and thought it would be easier to pull the mattress all the way out to change the sheets without the big hinderence there. I was right it was easier, just in case you were wondering. My daughter thought the matteress on the floor was the COOLEST thing ever.

Matteress on the floor
Pillows (I would say NOT optional but I suppose they really are optional)

Of course the first thing she did was jump up and down on it. I grabbed some pillows to put on the side once this first...I guess...maybe I should've put a helment on too.

Next she looked through many many books, while on the mattress.

All her stuffed toys were brought to the mattress given a bounce and laughed at as they fell dejected on the floor.

Then she stood on one end of the mattress and threw her doll to the other end. If it didn't make it off the mattress she stood where it landed and threw it off-I promise we didn't teach her that.

I was on one end and she was on the other and she would drive her car down on the mattress and then I would chase her back down the mattress with it. Bring on the giggles.

She was pretty upset when I put it back and I was worried she wasn't going to go to sleep on it now that she had found out its great playing potential but I guess once it was in the crib it wasn't cool anymore.

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