Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Children's Museum

A children's museum is a place where kids get to touch everything, perfect right? If you live near one take advantage of it! Check out this website to find a museum in your area.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slide Show

Camera or computer filled with pictures of your toddler, or printed pictures.

Look through the pictures with your toddler. Tell them about what they are doing in the pictures. Little kids love seeing themselves!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Garden

Paper cup (I used one of those big yogurt containers)

Cover pot with paper using tape. Cut out flower shapes. Depending on the age of your toddler you can do this before hand or let them help. Use stickers to decorate pot and flowers have your child help you tape straws on the back. Then put them in the pot.

This didn't take us long to put together but M* has spent tons of time taking the flours out of the pot and putting them back in. I think maybe next time we sit down to do something crafty we'll make some "bugs" to tape to straws and add them in. Also, we pulled out pipe cleaner to wrap around he straws but M* wasn't interested but maybe your child will be.

Valentine Cards

Paper (folded for cards)
Stamps (I would say already inked stamps are the way to go. First because then you don't have to have a constant battle with your toddler over who gets to hold the ink pad and second they don't ink all over little hands as easily)
Markers (only if you are brave!)

Pretty self explanatory. Usually if we color we only use crayons or stickers but for this we pulled out everything. My daughter was actually interested in it for a good hour, which I contribute to the variety of things she had to use. We made our cards for Dad and Grandparents.

Flour Power

2-3 bowls
Cookie Sheet

Place a handful of flour in a bowl. Show your toddler how to stir the flour and how to transfer it to another bowl with a spoon. Then let them cook up their creation. Another variation is to put flour on a cookie sheet and show them how to draw things in the flour.

This activity is like a miracle in a bowl. I pull it out quite frequently while I'm cooking dinner and it keeps meltdowns to a minimum. So, Hurray for it.