Monday, January 25, 2010

Nature Walk

When we go on walks and M* is not in the stroller she loves to pick things up. had a great idea of taking a basket for your toddler to put things in that they find. Don't let the cold weather scare you off this could be fun bundled up or in the sun. Point out things like sticks, leaves, rocks and acorns. Also, it's been fun to have her show daddy her finds when he gets home.

Feed the Birds

Here is a good thing to do on a nice winter day. We have tons of birds in back of where we live. So we went out and fed them. We didn't even have any birds come near us M* just had tons of fun throwing the bird seed. We've fed bread to ducks too which is kind of fun because they'll come closer.

The picture is not the greatest which is probably good or you would notice her eyebrows are red with spaghetti sauce...awesome.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flannel Board Stories


Sturdy Cardboard (I made my board about 15"x12")

Enough Flannel to Cover Front of Board

Felt or Flannel to Glue on Back of Story Pieces

Story pictures (check out the sites below or if you child can let them draw pictures for the story themselves)

These sites have free content:

This site has stories from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and D&C if you're not LDS don't let that turn you off to the site the Bible stories are still the same:

You can buy from these sites:

Jumping Gym

Couch Cushions

You can make this as simple or complicated as you want. Our "gym" consists of our couch cushions stacked on top of each other and some pillows. I think M* likes crawling on the couch without cushions as much as she likes crawling on the cushions with no couch. Variation: Use the same materials to set up an obstacle course for your child to crawl through.

Water Games

(Possible) Materials:
Dish bin
Cups of all colors and sizes (I think half a stack of nesting cups would be perfect)

Gather materials. Fill dish bin with about 2 inches of warm water. Have at it! Don't leave your little one alone with this as it poses a drowning hazard. Have towels on hand to wipe up spilled water. Obviously everything in the vicinity is going to get soaked so don't put your child in the outfit she is wearing to Aunt Mod's 93rd birthday party that night.
Please try to ignore my mangy dog poking his head in the picture.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Edible Finger Paint

Instant Vanilla Pudding
Food Coloring

Mix the pudding according to the directions. Divide into smaller bowls. Add a couple drops of food coloring to each bowl to color them. Paint!

She had so much fun with this. I think she got more on her than she did on the paper. It wasn't hard to clean up though. I found that if I painted on the paper she painted on the paper but if I wasn't painting she wasn't painting. So get in there and get messy!